City of Dream

Welcome to City of Dream!

City Of Dream is a sharing launchpad combining SocialFi, GameFi, DAO, and Metaverse. It strives to realize the Nasdaq of the meta-universe world. This platform embraces the web3.0 concept and effectively provides every individual with an opportunity to show their self-value and build their Self-brand.
City of Dream will launch five sections, including MarkBoss, Glory Badge, Global Lottery Pool, Global Broadcasting, and Fictitious Life. Each section of COD is closely interconnected and finally forms a closed loop that will redefine human resources in the blockchain industry. In addition, City of Dream expects to build a private network for the public, in which each individual will have his or her own cryptographic identity, which will reveal the user's experience, skills, and all behaviors that take place in the ecosystem of City of Dream, thus helping them tokenize and financialize their self-value.

Brief Introduction


The first section released by City of Dream, a key initiative to redefine the management of human resources and an important cornerstone to challenge the traditional self-value exhibition path.

Glory Badge

The core mechanism of City of Dream. Users become co-founders by purchasing badges, thus gaining the right to mint $cod and badge welfare; and participate in project management and founder meetings

Global Lottery Pool

The unique rewards mechanism in COD ecosystem. Each transaction in COD will be charged, 8% of fees will be placed into the lottery pool. Users who hope to participate in sharing lottery pool should get one set of character skins at first. Character skins could get through open Blind Box. There are 48 skins in COD, which are divided into 5 sets. Collecting different sets can get a different percentage of rewards in the lottery pool according to its rarity.
Global Broadcasting
The upcoming advertisement section in COD. Users can bid for the advertisement space and show their ad, No limitation for participants and no manual review.

Fictitious Life

The upcoming GameFi. Users can team up by their own will and start businesses. The GameFi boasts a business-war mode so as to provide users a highly-involved game experience with high rewards and allow them to enjoy the experience of building their own business legend.
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